Awards Eligibility: 2019

It’s been a busy year for me, even though it might not look that way in the context of posts here. Between attending Clarion West, continuing work on my interactive fiction game The Tunnel Crew, and juggling a writer’s life with all the other grumbles of living, I’ve managed to release a couple of stories. I’d be honoured and thrilled if you considered them for whatever awards you might be submitting nominations for!

  • Midway on the Waves” (8,200 words – Novelette) – originally in Analog, May/June 2019
    Twenty-five years after Titan won its independence, a woman who witnessed a city shattered is still trying to come to grips with her trauma in the shards of her world. Here, I wrestled with how a bolt from the blue can transform your world forever in ways that take a lifetime to unfold.
  • A Square of Flesh, A Cube of Steel” (5,500 words – Short Story) – originally in Analog, September/October 2019
    On a cold, small moon inhabited by giant women, a young trans woman grapples with the possibility of losing her girlfriend along with everything and everyone she knows when a starship arrives to take her back to Mars. This is a story of isolation, self-determination, and giant queer ladies, and I’m so happy to see the response it’s already received.

I admit, it’s been a slight year for me – but I’ve got high hopes for 2020, in a lot of respects.

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