The Luminous Underground, by Phoebe Barton – available now from Choice of Games, and a finalist for the 2020 Nebula Award for Best Game Writing

Art by EJ Dela Cruz

Strange things are going down in the Underground! Build your team, descend beneath the city streets, and face down horrors with magic in one hand and science in the other. Can you prove to everyone that you’re the best daemon hunter in town?

Play The Luminous Underground, a 660,000-word interactive fiction game, and find out!

It’s been a long time coming, but my game The Luminous Underground is now available through Choice of Games! Step into the boots of a seasoned daemon dissipator as you stumble into a secret war beneath the city streets, discover mysteries left forgotten, and find out how your choices shape the world around you. It’s available from the following storefronts:

Do you have what it takes to fight furious daemons, shoddy gear, and City Hall? Will you help fix the city, or watch as it crumbles?