“A Vaccine for the Virus of Empire?” Live at Future SF!

One of the things that’s irritated for a while is how much science fiction loves empires. I mean, looooooooves them. Sure, they’re frequently portrayed as the villain, but portrayal is only half of the equation. So I wrote a non-fiction article about this, “A Vaccine for the Virus of Empire?” and it’s now live on the Future Science Fiction Digest website, right here! Check it out!

My Stories, Live, on Curious Fictions!

If you’re interested in reading more of my work but have seen my bibliography page, you’ve probably realized that one big hurdle between here and there is that the vast majority of my work isn’t available online. That’s starting to change now, thanks to Curious Fictions — a website set up to support authors in my situation, where reprints can be posted and readers like you can read them and even subscribe to authors you especially like.

So far, I have three long-since-unseen stories available for reading there: A Violent Wind, First of the North, and Three Years of Ashes and Twenty Years of Dust. Curious Fictions’ interface provides an estimated reading time, as well, so if you’ve got the time, consider checking them out!

Upward and Forward

Thanks for the visit – I appreciate it! In the future, this will be where you can find timely announcements of what I’m up to. For now, here’s a seven-year-old photo of the Pacific Ocean at San Francisco, because I think it looks nice. All that water, all that sky.